Raise adoption level of your Salesforce Community

An online community is a great place to connect and improve engagement with your customers, partners and employees. It lets customers share experiences, provides access to their data, supports them on purchasing decisions and gives them a one-stop-shop for finding information about your company and products. Customers can help one another, generate ideas for new products, log support tickets and chat with live agents. All these business processes – and more – can come to life in an online community.


An online community doesn’t get created out of thin air as a fully-functional, perfectly interactive paradise. Specific people take specific steps to help it thrive, and companies face several challenges when building up a consumer portal such as:

Value offering

    ▪ Knowing your customers and offer services they expect, want and demand.

    ▪ Offering of services which are differentiatiors from competitors.

    ▪ Embedding portal services within the existing service offering landscape.

Seamless consumer experience

    ▪ Providing a user experience in line with your customer base demography.

    ▪ Ensuring your portal services are available when your customers are expecting them and on the devices they use.

Customer Journey build-up

    ▪ Providing a journey for both anonymous as authenticated users.

    ▪ Tailor your service and content offering based on your consumer personas.

The solution to tackle these challenges is to design an outstanding UI/UX customer experience. There is a subtle but important difference in meaning between these two terms which are often mixed. The Use Interface design (UI) can be described as the look and feel, presentation and interactivity of a product. The User Experience design (UX) however is about enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in customer interactions.


Together with the customer we embark on the exciting interactive journey towards a best in class experience following a 3-step approach. This approach is our own interpretation of the UCD ISO standard. The UCD or also called Human Centered Design is a phased approach for digital system development which focuses specifically on making systems user friendly: CX/UX designs.

Come and find the C-Clear Partners booth at Salesforce Essentials Belgium on the 1st of June to learn more about Salesforce Community Portals and how we can assist you in engaging with your customers. More info and registration here!