Business Support: road to continuous success

You are only as good as your last performance. This quote is widely used in sports and the media often reminds us of this. During a whole season mayor sport teams work extremely hard to achieve the major goal: raise the trophy. Some fail and others succeed but what afterwards? Often, we see sport teams winning a championship, but does it stop there?  

 No, it does notChances are you already have figured this out yourself. The same story is applicable in the world of CRM. During a CRM implementation you work hard towards different deadlines. You can see each sprint as a game. After the sprints you have the UAT testing in which the users get to test the configuration you have built. You could consider this as the playoffs. And if everything goes well, you might end up raising the trophy which in the world of CRM is the same as going live.  

But as already pointed out in the earlier paragraph, it does not stop there. After you have celebrated the success of winning the cup, a new season will start with fresh players, new rules, etc. for which you need to prepare. New regulations for companies may emerge, new needs from different departments may pop up, etc. Once you succeeded of going live, you must work hard to keep or even improve the performance of your CRM to withstand the changing circumstances and requirements. Does this mean that you need to do this alone?  

Again, the answer is no. To aid our Customers to win their next trophies after the go-live we founded the Business Support tribe. This is a group of people passionate about how we make sure our Customer’s CRM stay on a winning streak after the go-live. After a go-live of a first project we usually provide hypercare during a couple of weeks, but some Customers may be searching for help on a long-term basis which we call business supportSince 2019 we have been offering Business support to our customers. Today we have 10 (!) customers experiencing this service. 

How do we do this? First, we assign a dedicated support agent & support manager to the customer. The support agent will be the first contact person for the customer to discuss new requests, implement requests, conduct trainings, etc. The support manager has an advising role and monitors the Service Level agreements. We do not only foresee advice about changes to the current setup you are willing to implement but we also guide our customers in the new releases announced by the different CRM providers. Every release can consist a huge amount of changes, but which change(s) will have the most added value to reach your goal? That is the mayor question we want to resolve. 

 Secondly, we provide you access to our Business support portal to ease the creation and the management of requests which forms the heart of all potential improvements. From there smaller requests may be resolved at once. Other requests may be considered as change request and will be implemented following the project methodology. The customers receive a manual to guide them in the Business support process/portal. The idea is all about assisting you and giving you advice, so your CRM stays at the top of his capabilities.  

Of course, like all teams and CRMs, our business support is also evaluated. The support manager sends a monthly report where you can evaluate the team’s performance. You can see how much goals we scored (resolved requests) and a lot more. Based on the reports the customer tracks how the requests are evolving. If the customer needs a more detailed view of the requests, he can reach out to the business support portal.  

 To conclude: Even after a go-live, a CRM tool is not finished. However, this does not mean that you are not allowed to celebrate this heroic moment! This simply means you keep working to your next success. To do this we are at your disposal. For those in need we provide business support to assist you in meeting new requirements and implementing new changes all with one goal: keeping the successful feeling you had when going live.