Technical consultant

Decoding the role of Technical Consultant

What does the job of technical consultant involve? That’s a question we often get, especially from people looking for their first job. Who could provide a better insight into the role than someone who lives it every day? Meet Wesley (27), who joined C-Clear Partners 3.5 years ago as a junior technical consultant. Over time, Wesley has evolved into a technical genius, successfully accomplishing numerous projects. We asked him some question about his job as a technical consultant.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Wesley, I am 27 years old and I’m from Ekeren (near Antwerp). I studied industrial engineering (electronics and ict) in Antwerp.

How did you end up at c-clear partners?

As an almost graduate, I was on the lookout for my first professional challenge. After visiting trade fairs and talking to several companies without feeling a connection, a fellow student introduced me to C-Clear Partners, and it just clicked. The rest, as they say, is history!

What does a day/week as a technical consultant look like at c-clear?

Each day starts with a stand-up meeting with the internal project team, following the agile methodology. Here we discuss what the status is and give updates on what we did the day before and what we are going to do during the day. I usually work as a solution architect, where I mainly come up with solutions and support colleagues on a technical level. I also build functionalities for the customer myself. Currently I’m involved in three projects, which gives me a lot of variety.

What do you like about your job? What makes it fascinating?

I love building complex things related to customer development and creating solutions from scratch. With Salesforce, it’s not just coding, you also get to do other things. You can add value to the customer in a relatively short period. Also, working on different projects in various sectors provides a lot of variety and learning opportunities.

What do you like most about our company?

Being part of valantic gives us the opportunities of a large company while maintaining the advantages of a ‘small’ company. The fun, family atmosphere and the freedom to help decide what you do and which projects you work on are what makes C-Clear Partners a great company to work at.

What projects have you done and what is your current project (and how is it going there)?

I’ve had the opportunity to work on interesting projects, ranging from building an AC business unit for a large industrial company to onboarding the patient segment for a major pharmaceutical company. I also did a project for an international company in the events sector. Currently, I’m working as an architect at the client where I had my first project, combining that with the pharma company where I also did a project before.

What was your most challenging project?

In terms of role, my project within pharma was quite challenging. Working in pharma is quite complex and there is a lot of processes and steps you need to follow. In technical terms, my project for the company in the events sector was the most challenging. They have quite a complex process so there was also a lot of custom work involved. It was also a very nice project where I learned a lot!

What would you say to people who are hesitant to join us as a technical consultant?

Don’t hesitate! You get a good balance between strategic thinking and hands-on work. There is enough room to learn, and the internal mentorship of experienced colleagues is also a great added value. Professional freedom, opportunities for further learning, and the atmosphere among colleagues make it a great place to work!


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