My first year at C-Clear Partners: “not the average consulting firm” 

While growing up, I always thought life consisted of 3 major parts: student life, work life and retirement. The first was obviously the fun part. Ok, you had to study hard during a few months of the year, but the rest of my time I could basically do whatever my heart desired. Work life was the serious part, and retirement was still far off. So, standing there on graduation day I thought “well the fun part is over”.  

 After signing my contract with C-Clear Partners, however, it seems I got it wrong.    

 C-Clear Partners is not the average consulting firm. We do not believe in body shopping. Our consultants do not work full-time on site with our customers. We make sure there is a balance between customer and own office. We implement a limit of working three days a week at a customer enabling an informal, dynamic way of working with our C-Clear colleagues.  

 Whether it’s a quick chat at the coffee machine, a fun Friday afterwork or during the activities outside the business hours organized by the fun team, you’ll be sure to make some great colleagues/ friends. Does that mean we never work? Obviously not. Those Friday afterwork beers don’t pay themselves. 

 Just like many other graduates, I had a lot of questions. Should I work at a big or a small company? Which sectors piqued my interest? What kind of job can offer a future perspective and keep me interested over the long-term? Do I want to travel for work a lot? 

 Let’s be honest: how can you have any answers, without experience in the field? That’s exactly why I chose to be a CRM consultant at C-Clear PartnersI could keep all my options open.   

Here are some examples of project experiences throughout my first year: 

  • I worked for a big pharma company with more than 50k FTEs on their payroll 
  • I got to travel to Berlin three days a month 
  • had the chance to broaden my business scope by working in the retail industry 
  • Besides doing technical implementations only, I gained business experience by performing CRM readiness study in the construction industry 
  • I learned how to deal with change management 

 As you can see: No project is the same and every project offers a new perspective on your own future. 

 I would like to end this blog with some genuine adviseIf you are one of those graduates who is ready for the work life part, but not ready to leave the fun behind: put your trust in a company like C-Clear Partners. Because aren’t we all looking for a way to create our own success story without forgetting to have fun?