Miek’s first months as a Junior Functional Consultant

Choosing that very first job, is a big event in anyone’s life, as it sets the tone for your career and sets you on a path toward your professional aspirations. This was also the case for Miek! Miek is 22 and graduated in June. She joined C-Clear Partners in September as a junior functional consultant. Together with her, we look back on how she experienced the past few months.


How did you end up at C-Clear?
I first came into contact with C-Clear Partners during the Limburg job fair in Hasselt. I studied Applied Economic Sciences and that is quite a broad field, so I went to the fair with an open mind. After a pleasant conversation with Rebecca and Febe, I left my resume. A few months later I got back in touch with them and after this pleasant contact I wanted to start as a junior functional consultant at C-Clear Partners.


How did you experience the onboarding process?
My onboarding went well! I especially liked that there were other recent graduates following the onboarding process with me. I also found it an added value that several sessions were planned with different colleagues to break the ice and get a better understanding of the internal workings. In between the onboarding sessions, I was able to expand my knowledge of Salesforce.


What do you like most about our company?
At C-Clear Partners, there is a lot of focus on personal development, collegiality and fun. The many learning opportunities and activities are proof of that. This is also one of the biggest reasons why I chose C-Clear Partners. I also find the fact that I can develop professionally and that I am also involved in the internal operations alongside my project work an added value. There is also a nice mix of young and more experienced colleagues which allows you to learn a lot.


Have you learned a lot in the past few months?
Yes definitely! I obviously knew what a crm platform was but I wasn’t familiar with the Salesforce platform. The last few months I have had an intensive immersion and my knowledge of Salesforce and its possibilities has increased enormously. Also being able to learn from more experienced colleagues has been a pleasure.


What are you most looking forward to?
Being on a project where I can develop myself and further expand my knowledge of Salesforce also towards the life science & pharma sector. I also have a strong interest in marketing and would like to be involved in our internal marketing tribe in the future.


Is there a first project in sight yet?
I am in the start-up phase of a project. It involves the implementation of Salesforce for the South Korean branch of a major pharma company. For this project, I am working with other colleagues who I can always turn to with my questions. I am looking forward to applying everything I have learned in practice.


What would you say to people who have doubts about joining us as a consultant?
Don’t hesitate! Just do it! Within C-Clear Partners there are so many opportunities to do what you find interesting and the atmosphere is great. I don’t regret it for a second!


Would you like to work at C-Clear Partners ? Then apply here and who knows, you and Miek might become future colleagues.