How to build your business strategy?

As a consultant you are not only responsible for helping your client, you also have a big responsability towards the company you work for. Every C-Clear partners’ CRM consultant takes up a role in the company, and so they need the tools to manage all their tasks and get stuff done. That is why we have organised ourselves to share as much of our knowledge as possible. Sigi Feucht and Christophe Bernard – two of our senior consultants – had some prior experience with the OGSM-model and found that this was a methodology that was worth sharing with the group. So they introduced this way of working during the C-Clear Partners knowledge sharing sessions, organised every month (Yes, we keep on doing this during the Corona epidemic using Microsoft Teams). This model now allows each company tribe to draw up a 1 page business strategy, which will serve as a guide for the upcoming year. Many of our consultants are now using this methodology in their daily work and jumped at the opportunity to improve their daily working lives.

Book to read 📚 “The One Page Business Strategy” by Marc van Eck and Ellen Leenhouts. We believe reading this book will give you a great tool to help you realize your objectives. Give it a try!