CRM: What it is and what it is not

At C-Clear Partners achieving customer centricity is a passion. It is the reason why we founded our company and why we started guiding and implementing CRM ideologies, business processes and functionalities. During our career, we have always asked ourselves a very important question: “Why do so many CRM implementations fail?” Being an expert in the field, naturally we had our ideas and opinions on the subject. During a heated discussion at the business school of Vlerick on the topic, we came to the conclusion that we had found a kindred spirit in Prof. dr. Deva Rangarajan. We quickly came to the conclusion that we wanted to share our knowledge with business leaders who face these problems on a day to day basis. We wanted to share an easy to read, series of blogs, based on our consultancy vision and experience, customers’ feedback and literature study. So we invite you to read these blogs and are – as always – eager to hear your thoughts and comments.

Use the following link to view our first blog in this series: “CRM: What it is and what it is not” on the Vlerick Sales Blog