City of Sint-Truiden Customer Success Story

Company description

Sint-Truiden is one of the largest cities in the Limburg province. The city council ensures citizens and organizations within the region can utilize a wide variety of services. Citizens and organizations can direct themselves to the city services for all required official documents and procedures. The city provides them the necessary information to retrieve these documents via various channels.


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Provided solutions

MS Dynamics 365


The rapid digitalization of our society shapes citizens’ expectations of companies, governments, and councils. Citizens expect that a certain range of services are provided digitally.  They interact with local councils through several different channels, be it per letter, e-mail, via the website, or a text …  
At the same time citizens expect status updates on their request, document, or registered complaint. 

The city of Sint-Truiden regularly employs new staff members for various city services. The staffing department is required to streamline the onboarding process.  This has not been proven an easy task, given the numerous systems and applications used in by the city today. 

The secretariat receives and registers a large number of letters every day. The letters are scanned and registered.  The analogue information is registered digitally by scanning and uploading into an application. The letters are still delivered to the various services. 


The solution implemented at the City of Sint-Truiden is the implementation of a “case management system” based on MS Dynamics365 and Office 365.  As soon as employees have registered and administered their employee cases centrally, they can acquire certain benefits. 

The solution enhanced the service delivery to citizens by streamlining the different interactions and improved transparency. Additionally the solution contributed to the improvement of employee productivity due to task automatization. 


The HR department registers new administrative cases as soon as a new employee starts working at the city of Sint-Truiden.  The action generates a few automated tasks to notify the right persons responsible for organizing the onboarding process. 

The delivered solution for the secretariat impacted the letter-registration process, allowing reception to scan all the delivered letters and send them digitally to the relevant departments. This means that letters no longer need to be delivered on papersaving time to spend on other tasks. 

The core functionalities include: 

  • Document previews
  • Validation flow
  • Security
  • Dashboards per role
  • Share & copy of letters


Through the implementation of MS dynamics 365 a central registration of incoming and outgoing correspondence was made possible. Additionally, these pieces where easy to follow up on by and within the board of Sint-Truiden.  Through this solution in combination with an efficient task follow up process amongst various employees, a better follow up process exists for these documents.