Helping a top pharma company to become a leader in data-driven marketing and sales

Company description

Our customer is a top 10 pharma company. They strive to deliver truly transformative treatments, contributing significant value to society while creating an exceptional experience for people.


Company size

Employees: 50.000, Revenue: 30.3 billion



Provided solutions

Databricks & Power BI


At our customer, a top 10 pharma company, the use of multiple channels to reach healthcare professionals (HCPs) is a common practice. However, the customer wants to understand which channels are most effective, how often they are being used, and what kind of response they generate. By analyzing all channels together, they hope to gain insight into their communication efficiency and determine whether they are getting a good return on investment. The company aims to optimize their marketing strategies and maximize the use of their resources. By analyzing visitor behavior on their websites, they hope to understand which marketing activities are most effective. Ultimately, the goal is to gain insight into the effectiveness of their communication channels and optimize their marketing strategies to become a leader in the way they reach their stakeholders, all while maximizing their resources and minimizing their expenses.


We recognized the critical importance of having the right data available in the right format and to the right people.  It was essential to unify their multiple data sources, including Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics, and others. We mapped out all these sources and validated the data model in a data lake to ensure we had a solid foundation. Our goal was to create a data-driven marketing and sales approach that would enable the customer to get the right message to the right people at the right time. We needed to collaborate extensively, conduct research, and document everything meticulously.

We worked closely with Accenture to ensure that everything was implemented correctly and that the data was accurate and up to date. Once we had the data, building reports was straightforward, and we provided training and support to ensure that everyone could use the system effectively. In short, our role was to help the customer to become a leader in data-driven marketing and sales.


  • High adoption​
  • Rolled out across Europe​
  • One view for all communication channels​
  • Targeted recommendations