Office center

C-Clear Partners continues growth with new office expansion in Aalst.

C-Clear Partners starts 2024 with a major strategic move: expanding their office space with a new location in Aalst. Next to the offices in Mortsel and Hasselt, C-Clear Partners can now add Aalst to the list! The opening of the new office on 1 January 2024 will literally bring C-Clear Partners closer to their clients in East and West Flanders. This will significantly improve our efficiency, as consultants will now have less travel time to clients in the area. Not only does this save valuable time, but it also reduces the company’s carbon footprint. 

Closer to clients 

Proximity to clients is crucial for maintaining strong business relationships. Having a local presence allows C-Clear Partners to respond to local opportunities faster and provide better service to customers in the region. This will undoubtedly lead to increased customer satisfaction and strengthen our position in East and West Flanders. 

Attract new talent 

An additional benefit of the expansion is the impact on recruitment opportunities. Even though C-Clear Partners supports working from home and our colleagues do not have to be present in our Mortsel or Hasselt offices every day, the absence of an office in East and West Flanders was an obstacle in attracting new people in the area. With the new, we already hope to attract more talent from the region more easily. In addition, it offers colleagues in the area the chance to work close to home, which benefits the work-life balance. 

Focus on personal contact & wellbeing 

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we work. Working from home has become the norm more than ever, but C-Clear Partners recognises the importance of personal contact and the well-being of our employees. The new office in Aalst is not just a workplace; it’s a local meeting place that promotes the social aspect of work. 

Maintaining a company culture and fostering team spirit can be challenging when employees work remotely. The office in Aalst provides a place where colleagues can meet, collaborate, and learn from each other. This strengthens bonds within the team and contributes to a healthy and dynamic working environment. 

in addition, a good work-life balance is crucial for employees’ mental health. With the office expansion, C-Clear Partners offers a flexible working environment where employees have the freedom to choose where they work, depending on their personal circumstances and preferences. 


The expansion in Aalst is just the beginning of  a promising year for C-Clear Partners. With a clear focus on growth, customer satisfaction, recruitment, and employee welfare, we are taking further steps towards a successful future.