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C-Clear Partners helps companies shape, create and manage their customer strategy. Our many years of experience in CRM have learned us that CRM is more than just a tool and CRM projects are not only about technology. That is why we focus on crystalizing your business needs and objectives and translating them to processes which are easy to understand, create extra value and are highly efficient. Together with you, we will implement these processes across your organisation and business units. Resulting in our end goal: achieving your customers’ success.

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Our Expertise

Our joint experience in implementing CRM projects spans more than a decade and several different industries. Our focus though lies mainly in the following sectors: Life Sciences, Public Sector and Manufacturing.

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Life Sciences

The life sciences industry is facing many challenges nowadays: regulatory hurdles, increased competition from generics, budget deficits, market access limitations, payer pressure on prices, increased workload of physicians, … How can CRM help to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing life sciences environment? A cloud based CRM model can speed up the time to market and have the ability to scale up or dwon rapidly. This model can support and facilitate a real customer-centric strategy, effectively taking into account the customer’s demands and needs and actually improve customer loyalty and drive growth. This does not only include support for primary care but also , and more important. support for secondary care markets is provided. It does this by focusing on networks of decision-makers, including hospitals, insurers, patient organizations, … Multichannel CRM capabilities can be leveraged to tailor communication through the preferred channels and engage in the most meaningful way with the life sciences market. Brand new patient collaboration platforms are created, empowering the life sciences industry to deliver more personal, targeted care. We have the experience and expertise to help life sciences companies to deliver the best cloud CRM solution which can support their business needs and effectively manage the new market conditions.


The public sector is undergoing a drastic transformation nowadays: citizens expecting better and more responsive services, shrinking financial resources, workplaces which are not optimal, … How can CRM be a game changer in this evolution? CRM can help governments, cities, communities and administrations to better engage with the citizens and provide the right and responsive services. Effective management of incoming service requests providing the right information at the right time. Case management capabilities to better support the case workers and managers by guiding them through standardized steps in assessing and resolving different cases. Portal solutions providing an extra channel of service to the citizens. Social channel monitoring to tap into the day to day civil challenges. A high performance working place allowing the civil servants to work in a communicative, flexible, collaborative and productive environment. And last but not least, provide a solution which drives transparancy in the relationship between goverment and citizens. Our track record proves that C-Clear Partners is the public sector's partner assisting in this transformation by providing the right solutions.


In today's competitive marketplace finding new customers, retaining existing customers, working with the right dealers and managing them in the right way have become essential business activities for manufacturers. How can CRM help manufacturing companies? By incorporating the dealer network within the CRM platform, manufacturers can achieve a better insight in the end-customer market, use blind-spot analysis to extend the dealer network, avoid channel conflicts, perform effective dealer management, improve key account management and leverage the dealer input to streamline the production planning. Working with an integrated CRM portal solution, the dealers can manage their customers in the most optimal way: provide the right quotes at the right time, follow-up on pending orders, manage stocks, manage their goal achievements, … C-Clear Partners understands your needs and can help you to compete in this marketplace by giving you the right tools to achieve your customer strategy.

"Our new dealer management system helps us to reduce administrative tasks, streamline our collaboration with our dealers and allows us to concentrate even more on our core task: building state of the art trailers."

Our trusted partners

In order to drive our customers' success in their respective markets, C-Clear Partners has built strong partnerships with the key CRM solution vendors. Our selected CRM solution vendors are the best in the market. These partnerships allow us to stay on top of the latest developments in the CRM landscape. We ensure that our clients receive state-of-the-art and future-proof products and solutions.