Pics or it didn’t happen – our 2019 eco-challenge

“Together we inspire people to make this world a better place” – our company motto brought to life during our last strategy meeting. It reflects our values and aspirations and tries to tell that besides doing our utmost to shape and create together with our customers, we also endeavor to make a difference in our near (and not so near) surroundings. The environment being an ubiquitous topic nowadays, we came with the idea to increase our impact in a playful way with our eco-challenge with a customized Dopper as the ultimate price. Trusting on the healthy competitiveness within the company, a Microsoft PowerApp was configured where everyone could indicate what they did, when they did it and add a picture (or it didn’t happen) and connected to our Salesforce Community to display everyone’s ranking. After one month we can proudly say that 12 people commuted for a total of +/- 1204 kms by (e-) bike, public transport was taken over 50 times, some more carpool initiatives came to light, three people cooked a vegetarian meal for all colleagues on our croq-Wednesday, some start doing their laundry with an eco-egg instead of using soap and we even had one colleague who participated with the infamous #trashtag challenge. Besides competing one another to get a Dopper asap, people also started sharing other initiatives to contribute and at the end, that’s what it’s all about.