Sunny – Customer Succes Story Salesforce

Company description

Sunny is the leading maritime retailer in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, selling duty-free products to seafarers. To make everything as convenient as possible for their customers, they offer a wide range of quality products. Sunny provides their customers with customs clearance services and on-board delivery. Their customer service is available to handle every question with the warm approach that is so characteristic of Sunny. On top of that, Sunny provides all these services in several ports, offering the option to choose a port for delivery.


In the past couple of years, Sunny’s business model changed fundamentally. The representatives of Sunny used to go aboard a ship to promote their products and take orders directly from the seafarers. Seafarers could also get off their ship and visit Sunny’s luxurious showroom in Antwerp, where they got personal assistance and were able to buy a variety of products. These seafarers returned to the vessel, some with a bottle of the finest whisky, some with a bottle of perfume and others even bought a drum kit. Throughout the past decades, Sunny’s reputation was built through strong customer relationships and excellent service.

At the start of the pandemic, no one could get on or off a ship. The seafarers could not get to the showroom in Antwerp, and Sunny’s representatives could not visit the different vessels that were entering the port. Sunny needed to dramatically pivot towards a more digital approach as their revenue dropped by almost 100%. In a few weeks’ time, they changed their business model to 100% eCommerce and seafarers found their way to the eCommerce surprisingly easily. Due to the shifted business model and the extensive digital evolution, the expectations and needs of Sunny’s customers shifted a lot.


As part of their transformation, Sunny decided to implement a CRM system. After an intensive selection process, the choice was made: Salesforce. C-Clear Partners was recommended as an implementation partner to support Sunny in its digitalization journey. We assisted Sunny by co-creating a vision and roadmap planning for implementing Salesforce’s Service Cloud platform.

Thanks to the Salesforce platform, Sunny has the technology for quick and constant innovation, allowing an easy integration into their IT System landscape with omnichannel capabilities. The Salesforce platform is integrated with Sunny’s existing ERP system and eCommerce system. The digital touchpoints of Sunny’s customers have been expanded into a true omnichannel approach by leveraging Salesforce Digital Engagement and Marketing Cloud. This means web, mobile, email, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are part of Sunny’s touchpoints. All of this has been made possible using the out-of-the-box functionalities and connectivity means of the Salesforce platform. Allowing us to deliver in a matter of weeks instead of months. By bringing and combining the different touchpoints and systems together.

The integrated CRM system combines and brings together relevant data from multiple sources. Which allows Sunny to build and capture a customer 360 view with data, followed by learning and managing the preferences of their customer.


Half a year after the Salesforce rollout, more than 40% (average since rollout) of all incoming communication was sent via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, a number that keeps on growing. The customer service team of Sunny has already helped more than 4.500 customers via these channels.

Enabling new inbound channels for service was crucial for customers to be implemented in a harmonious, transparent, and effective way. After enabling Digital Engagement, the amount of incoming communication has grown a lot. Together with Sunny we investigated in which way setting up a Chatbot could increase channel deflection. The result of a profound analysis of the common FAQs and inquiries resulted in a design for a Chatbot, which interacts with the core CROM platform and keeps the customer up to date on their order status, the actual exchange rate, …

The chatbot will be rolled out of Sunny’s online shop, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. In this way, we anticipate the future growth of Sunny by increasing agent productivity on the one hand and decreasing the average response time for the customers on the other hand. Compared to the rollout date, customers’ waiting time decreased by approximately 20%.